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3.0 New order or not   New documents and processing information newly input and provided
  Additionally making, the document is completely the same with previous version, which is just different in terms of delivery information.
  Revised, there are few revisions in terms of processing requirements.
3.1 Board name:             material name:  
3.2 Document name:             File version:  
       Material format and design software version:                 other format:
3.3 Layer number:
       Board thickness:
3.4 Base material:
3.5 Single board size: mm  X   mm
       Jointed board size: mm  X   mm                    Unit number of every jointed board:
3.6 Thickness of internal copper:             thickness of external copper:
3.7 Minimum line width: mil            Minimum spacing: mil
3.8 Minimum aperture: mm          Minimum ring width: mil
3.9 Welding resistance:             Color:    
3.10 Character:             Color:    
3.11 Surface treatment:             Surface coating thickness:
3.12 Through hole welding resistance processing method :   According to the design documents                  A hole cover resistance welding oil
  Through-hole open window                          Whole board through-hole and hole block
3.13 Impedance control:   YES       NO                 tolerance(OHM)    ± 
3.14 Laminated Settings that:
3.15 Other specific requirements:
3.16 Appendix: drawing pieces        Other documents:
         When the drawing is not consistent with the document      drawing         document prevails

which specializes in manufacturing highly sophisticated and high PCB boards including single-layer, double-layer, multi-layer boards, MID, HDI, impedance boards, aluminum-backed boards, mixed platens and various

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