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4-28 High-tech and new tech products including layer height precision impedance, multi-layer blind prefabrication, boards, high frequency boards, non-halogen boards, high boards, aluminum backed boards, copper-backed boards, iron-backed boards and porcelain baseline circuits, and soft circuits and softness and rigidness combining flexible boards etc.

Rigid PCB circuit board technique ability
Processing layer number:1-28 layer
Thickness of finished board (minimum thinness-maximum thickness):0.008″~0.24″(0.20mm~6.0mm)
Minimum aperture:6mil (0.15mm)
Minimum line width/interval:3-4 mil (0.076-0.10mm)
Maximum board size:single and double-layer22″x 43″ (550 x1100mm) multi-layer board22″x 25″(550mm x 640mm)
Impedance control:±10%
Surface processing technique:Surface processing technique: anti-oxidation, tin spraying, electric nickel/gold, leadless tin spraying, golden finger, immersion silver, immersion tin and thick nickel/gold. ;
Processing materials: producing international high non-halogen boards, high frequency boards, home-made polytetrafluoroethene aluminum-backed boards home-made AI back), copper-backed, iron-backed and porcelain-backed boards;

Soft EPC circuit board technique ability
Processing layer number:1-6 layer
Thickness of finished board(minimum thinness):3mil(0.08mm)
Minimum aperture:4mil (0.10mm)
Minimum line width/interval:2 mil (0.05mm)
Maximum board size: 10" x 45" (250x 1200mm )
Surface processing technique:anti-oxidation、tin spraying、electric nickel/gold、leadless tin spraying、lead-free tin spraying、zedoary;
Insulated resistance: normal
Heat proof impact: processing materials: polyimide, polyester (PET polyimide)
Processing materials:PI、PET、PI+ FR4

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which specializes in manufacturing highly sophisticated and high PCB boards including single-layer, double-layer, multi-layer boards, MID, HDI, impedance boards, aluminum-backed boards, mixed platens and various

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