Technique flow chart of double-face and multi-layer board
1. Cutting materials
According to project materials, in big-size boards meeting the requirements, cutting into small piece of production boards, small boards materials meeting customers’ requirements.
Big-size board materials→ cutting boards according to MI requirements→ curium the boards → processing round angle\milling the side→ finished boards
2. Drill
According to project materials (customer’s materials), drill aperture requirements in corresponding position of board materials meeting the size required.
Piled board pin → install board → drill → take out board→ check\repair
3. Immersion copper
Immersion copper is to use chemical method to deposit one layer of thin copper in insulated hole wall,
Rough milling → hanging board → immersion copper automatic line → take out board →watery immersion→ thickened copper
4. Figure transfer
Figure transfer is to transfer the figures in production film into the boards Flow
(Blue oil flow): milling board→ printing the first face → drying → printing the second face → drying → exposure → flushing → check; (Film dry flow): set the board → pressing the film → static placement → alignment → exposure → static placement → flushing → check
5. Figure plating
Figure plating is to make one plating in naked copper skin or hole wall in the circuit to realize copper layer meeting required thickness and gold nickel or tin layer meeting required thickness. Flow
Installing board → removing oil → washing with water twice → micro etching→ washing with water →washing with acid →copperizing → washing with water → acid immersion → tinning → washing with water → taking out board
6. Film withdrawal
Use the solution to remove anti-plating cover film layer and make non-circuit copper layer exposed.
Water film: insert frame→ alkali immersion → flushing → washing → through the machine; drying film: placing the board→ through the machine
7. Etching
Etching is to use chemical reaction method to corrode copper layer in non-circuit part.
8. Green oil
Green oil is to transfer the figure made of green oil film into the board, which plays the role of protecting circuits and preventing tinning the circuits when welding the components
Milling the board→ print light sense green oil → curium the board → exposure → flushing; milling board→ printing the first face → drying the board → printing the second face →drying the boar
9. Character
The character is one mark provided which is convenient for being identified
After final curium of green oil → cooling device → transferring the net →printing the character → later curiu
10. Gilding finger
Plate one layer of nickel\gold meeting the required thickness in pin finger, and make it with rigid milling proof character
Installing the board → removing the oil → washing with water twice → micro etching → washing with the water twice → washing with acid →copperizing → washing with water → nickel plating → washing with water → gilding
10. Tinning board
Tin spraying is to spray one layer of lead tin in naked copper surface covered with welding resistance oil to protect copper surface from being corroded and oxidized, and then guarantee good welding performance.
Micro etching → air-dry → warm-up → rosin coating → welding tin coating → heat wind leveling → wind cold → washing and air-dry
11. Shaping
The methods using mould pressing or routing machine to make the shapes required by the customers: routing machine, mould, manual routing and manual cutting
Routing machine and mould boards have higher precision, and then manual routing, and manual cutting board is the lowest, and only make some simple appearances.
12. Testing
Through electronic testing, check the flaws including open circuits and short circuits impacting functionality, which is not easy to find through visual measure.
Mould → placing board → testing → qualified →visual check → unqualified → repair → return testing → waste declared
13. Final check
Visually measuring appearance flaw of board materials and make repair to micro flaws, and avoid the problems and flaw boards going into the market.
Specific work flow:
Materials coming→ check the materials → visual measure → qualified → random check → qualified → package → unqualified → processing → checkOK

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